Author & Researcher

I wanted to read an inspiring book to my children about our ancestor, Mohawk Chief and British Army Captain John Deserontyon, but I couldn’t find one….so I decided to research and write a children’s book about him myself.

During my research, I learned more details about his life such as how he helped his people escape from the Mohawk Valley after the American Revolutionary War and their eventual landing at the Bay of Quinte. I learned how Captain John played a significant role in the development of what Canada is today.

I am very grateful for everything Captain John did for his people. I found it sad that many people in Canada do not know who Captain John was and so part of my wish is to provide book readings and workshops to provide education and information to remember and honour him and his legacy.

My business and first book are named after Captain John as Deserontyon translated into English means, ‘Where the Lightning has Struck’.

As an author and researcher, I feel compelled to share my ancestor’s contribution to our shared history. 

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