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Pamela Devonshire is a Canadian author and storyteller with Mohawk, British and Scottish ancestry. She is a proud member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and descendent of Chief John Deserontyon. Pamela offers a compelling and creative Indigenous worldview, sharing stories about her family ancestry and the founding of Tyendinaga.

Pamela enjoys sharing her stories with children and is inspired by their appetite to learn more about Indigenous peoples in southern Ontario. Through her workshops, children participate in hands on arts and crafts activities to make the learning fun and memorable.

I share stories that inspire the imagination and bring history to life. My stories are a tribute to my Mohawk ancestors and to honour their legacy.

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The history of Indigenous peoples in the Toronto area stretches back thousands of years. History shows us that T’karonto was a thriving centre of trade and commerce for many generations among the Mississauga, Huron, Haudenosaunee nations and other Great Lakes First Nations.

T’karonto, meaning “water where trees stand,” speaks of a time of treaty relations based on mutual respect; an era of thriving on the land and water; and, a time of peace and friendship among the people.

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